21 Fun Facts About Your Cat

21 Fun Facts About Your Cat (and a bonus!)

Cat lovers the world over go crazy for their furry little four legged friends, and it’s easy to see why!

Cats are often cute, cuddly, and at least a little bit crazy – which explains where there are so many “cat videos” posted online each day. And while cats make up such a big part of our day to day lives (and have for thousands of years as our pets), the truth of the matter is there are a lot of fun facts you might not now about your feline friends and companions.

In this quick guide, we’re going to shed light on some of these factoids for you, all in an effort to bring your and your cats closer together.

Shall we dive right in?

1. Cats may be more popular than dogs in the USA

It may surprise you to learn that cats are more popular than dogs in the US, if you’re going off the amount of animals that are recorded to be kept as pets. According to the ASPCA, there are 88 million cats and 74 million dogs living with people today!

2. Cats WILL (almost) always land on their feet

Cats possess something known as the “righting reflex”, which makes sure they always land on their feet. This same reflex also helps cats survive falls from up to 32 stories up!

3. Cats have muscles all over, including in their ears

Humans have some of the most muscular ears in the entire animal kingdom, but it’s nothing compared to what cats have. Loaded to the hilt with muscles all over their bodies (that they control with amazing speed and precision), cats have 32 muscles in their ears compared to our 6!

4. Cats are so popular they are even being elected to government offices

In a small town up in Alaska, a cat going by the name of Stubbs has been elected mayor – yes, MAYOR! – for more than 15 years now. The elections are legitimate, and he has thus far had no opposition while enjoying a sky high approval rating!

5. Cats aren’t much for the sweet stuff

While cats have very sensitive feelings, reflexes, and the ability to almost sense danger before it pops up, they apparently do not have the ability to recognize or taste anything sweet. You won’t have any luck trying to tempt these little kittens with something sweet.

6. Cats – and kittens – sleep A LOT

According to some researchers, cats can spend up to 70% of their entire life asleep. And we’re not just talking about cat napping here and there, but full blown, knock down, out cold asleep! That means that a cat that lives to the age of 10 has only really been awake for three years of its life!

7. The longest house cat on record is a giant

The longest house cat ever recorded is a Maine Coon cat going by the name of Stewie, a cat that has thus far reached 48.5 inches long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. This is a cat longer than most sheets of plywood are wide, reaching just over four feet.

8. Cats might save your life from serious disease

Some medical researchers now believe that cats are capable of healing us humans in ways we wouldn’t have ever been able to predict in the past. While cats offer great companionship and keep people young with their friendliness and energy, studies show that people who own cats also reduce their risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke as well.

9. Cats NEVER meow to one another

Cats are never communicating with one another verbally the way that dogs do, and anytime you hear a cat meow it isn’t talking to anyone but you. This is the way that cats and kittens talk to people, as they choose to communicate with other cats – and other animals – based purely off of body language alone.

10. Cat parents are more popular now than ever before

People that own cats have always been particular about raising their four legged family members (the same way people crazy over dogs are), but the “Crazy Cat Lady” stigma always permeated all groups of people that kept cats. Today, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, a little bit of the crazy cat lady description remains (mostly as a joke), but by and large cat parents are more accepted today than ever before.

11. Cats have three separate eyelids

You see that tiny little triangle of pink in the corner of your cats eyes? That’s not muscle, but instead a third eyelid that keeps the eyes clean, protected, and plenty moist.

12. Black cats are only considered bad luck in the US

For whatever reason, folks in the US are on the only ones that seem to think of black cats as bad luck. In fact, in most cultures – like Japan, for example – a black cat isn’t just not seen as bad luck, but is actually seen as a sign of good luck and good fortune. Black cats are prized all over the world, where they are feared in the US.

13. Cats can be A LOT more vocal than dogs

While a dog is capable of making about 10 different noises and sounds because of the way their “voice boxes” are made up, cats are capable of creating more than 100 different sounds at any one particular point in time.

14. The smallest cat ever measured could fit in the mouth of a tea cup

Cats can grow to pretty extreme sizes, and most of them will get a bit bigger than they were as kittens, but not Tinker Toy. The world’s smallest cat ever measured, Tinker comes in at just 2.75 inches tall and would fit in most ever coffee cup ever made!

15. Cats often have larger litters of kittens than dogs have puppies

While you’re likely only to get about a half dozen puppies or more out of a litter of puppies (depending on the breed), cats can reproduce like crazy. The most kittens a single cat ever had was 420, but she – a cat named Dusty – split that number up over a lifetime!

16. There’s nothing legal about declawing cats in the US

Regardless of what you may have been told by less than ethical breeders in the US (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), remember that it is 100% against the law in the US to declaw a cat. 22 other countries around the world have also banned this practice, a practice that is now almost universally recognized as barbaric and inhumane.

17. Their “finger” count doesn’t match their “toe” count

The front paws of all cats have five “fingers” while the back paws will always have just four “toes”. This will help you figure out whether a cat leaving tracks is coming or going!

18. Cat whiskers are fully functional

The length of a cat’s whiskers are very useful. Cats use them to gauge distance and width, letting them know whether or not a space can fit and accommodate them.

19. Cats are fast – very, very fast!

Domestic cats have always been considered rather quick, but a lot of people are unaware of the fact that house cats can achieve speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

20. Cats can hear things humans cannot

One of the cools things about the way that the ears on a cat have been formed is that the can pick up ultrasonic frequencies. This means all cats can pick up on sounds that humans could never heard without the help of technology.

21. Cats really do purr like diesel engines

A cat can purr at speeds up to 26 beats per second, which is the same frequency as a diesel engine!

Bonus Fact

A group of cats is called a…


I know, I know – sounds really goofy, but the next time you see a bunch of cats on the prowl, tell someone “there goes a clowder of cats” and you’ll be right!

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